At age 14, Julissa debuts as a singer in the rock musical band called The Spitfires, which was formed by her brother Luis de Llano Macedo, bass player of the band at the time.

After an invitation to participate in a radio contest, the group wins the second place and, as a reward, the chance to record for CBS.

From 1961 to 1964 Julissa recorded three long play albums for CBS as a rock singer, as well as various soap opera

themes. Among her greatest hits we find songs such as La Favorita del Profesor, Nostalgia, Ven Cerca, Ruedas, Dum Dum, Mi Rebeldito, Frontera and Corazón Salvaje.

La Favorita del Profesor

Hear part of the songs that made Julissa famous during the golden era of rock n' roll.
La Favorita del Profesor
Dum Dum
Besos de Papel
Muchacha Soltera
Novios Novios
Mi Pequeña Oración
Más Más Más
Mi Chamaco

Polvo de Luna Llena
Dame Dame
Río Bravo
Las Gracias te Doy
Quiero tu Amor
La Banda